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Eurobin Tumbler

Eurobin Tumbler
Eurobin tumbler image
Eurobin tumbler image
Eurobin tumbler image
Eurobin tumbler image

The Brief

SYSPAL’s range of Eurobin tumblers are specifically designed to revolutionise mixing processes in food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Both the high capacity Eurobin tumbler, the Clean Line Eurobin tumbler and the mixing Eurobin tumbler have been developed to offer high quality, consistent and safe mixing of products.

Our mixing Eurobin tumbler is compatible with 200 litre DIN9797 standard Eurobins, while the high capacity and Clean Line models offer the flexibility of working with both 200 litre and 300 litre DIN9797 Eurobins.

The machinery uses a unique bi-directional rotation method of mixing products. This system prevents ‘dead-spots’ in the mix that often occur as part of Z-blade or paddle mixing. Eliminating paddles and blades also means that delicate products can be mixed effectively with a significant reduction in product damage.

Services Used

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Press Brake Automation System

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Flat Bed Fibre Laser Cutting

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Hole Punching

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Control Systems

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